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As your eye ages, the lens can become cloudy, which in turn only allows a small amount of light to pass through. The large amount of light that does not pass through the retina will cause your vision to become confused or blurry.

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  • Cloudy vision

  • Fuzzy vision

  • Excessive glare

  • Frequent changes in eyeglass prescription

  • Double vision

  • Scattered vision

Debilitating Eye Symptoms

With a single AcrySof IQ Toric intraocular lens procedure, you will begin to enjoy the freedom of not having to wear uncomfortable contact lenses or glasses due to your astigmatism or blurred vision brought on by cataracts.

Breakthrough in Cataract Surgery

Once you have been referred to Southwest Eye Clinic, you will receive a thorough exam by one of our eye specialists to determine that you do have cataracts and your course of treatment.

Comprehensive Cataract Eye Exam

Poor Vision Could Be a Result of Cataracts